Medicaid Service Coordination ProgramMedicaid Service Coordination Program

Medicaid Service Coordination Program

Linda D'Ambrosia, MSC Supervisor

Service coordination is a Medicaid-funded service that assists people with developmental disabilities in accessing supports and services. Service coordinators work with families to identify goals, needs and desires. With knowledge of community resources, service coordinators can link an individual to services to help reach goals. The service coordinator makes sure that services meet needs and can change or update services as needed. An Individualized Service Plan (ISP) is developed by the service coordinator along with the individual and families, guardians, etc. and is reviewed and updated regularly. 

A Service Coordinator :

·         Assists with obtaining and maintaining benefits and entitlements.

·         Assists with obtaining OPWDD eligibility for services and HCBS Waiver approval.

·         Assists with finding and applying to necessary services and supports appropriate to individual needs.

·         Utilizes a person centered process to develop, implement and maintain a current Individualized service plan.

·         Supports individuals in setting individualized goals and with finding community supports and services to help achieve goals.

·         Helps individuals to make decisions on home, employment, circle of friends, enjoyable leisure activities and clinical support services.

·         Provides information on the legal guardianship process and refers to outside community based programs to navigate the surrogate             court system.

·         Assists with accessing respite services.

·         Assists in setting up tours of Day habilitation, pre-vocational, respite, and residential programs.

·         Assists in completing referrals to Waiver services and community based supports.

·         Monitors quality and satisfaction of services.

·         Monitors health and safety.

·         Helps families to apply for NYS Cares and Central Entry, attends Central entry on behalf of individuals.

·         Accompanies individuals and families to intake meetings.

To qualify you must have a documented developmental disability and a need for ongoing, comprehensive service coordination.