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The Bianchi Family Job Training and Assessment Lab

The Bianchi Family Job Training and Assessment Lab or PAES lab, is designed to prepare Holy Childhood School Program students for the world of work through training in entry level jobs and employment skills. Students attend the lab weekly to explore different types of jobs, learn more about what it is they are interested in and discover their vocational strengths. 

Students have the opportunity to explore up to 264 entry-level jobs in five occupational areas that include:

  • Business/Marketing
  • Computer/Technology
  • Construction/Industrial
  • Consumer/Service
  • Construction/Industrial
  • Processing/Production

  The lab is completely hands-on and set up as a simulated work environment where the teachers are the “work supervisors” and the students are the “employees”. Students perform many of the same tasks employees do at entry-level jobs out in the community. For instance, students punch in and out using a time clock, follow typical work procedures and perform a variety of entry level jobs. 

Students in the lab also learn skills deemed necessary by employers such as, being on time for work, dressing appropriately, asking for help if needed, working safely, following directions and more. Students are encouraged to work as independently as possible and to problem solve on their own prior to receiving further instruction.

The students receive a “paycheck” biweekly and have the opportunity to earn additional “money” for achieving good “employable” skills. Students save the money they earn to purchase items in our school store. Assessment results are included in a Performance Summary Report that contains information on the student’s aptitude scores in all work areas, levels of interest, quality of work, work rate and other information that will help guide the students in his/her transition from school to work.

Dr. Donna Moscicki, School Program Director
Kathryn Miller, Clinic Coordinator
Jacquelyn Lacy, Assistant School Program Director
Patty Purvee, Administrative Assistant

School Hours:  8:30-2:30
Address: 100 Groton Parkway Rochester, NY  14623
Phone Number:  585-359-3710

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