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School Program

Holy Childhood Campus (K-21)

Holy Childhood offers comprehensive and therapeutic services to 120 students, ages 5-21 in the School Program. Students are transported from 46 different school districts in Monroe and outlying counties.  Full-day special education instruction is based on each student's Individual Education Plan (IEP). Instruction includes emphasis on literacy, math, science, social, activities of daily living, Work-Based Learning, music, art, adaptive physical education and transition training.

Referrals are made by school district officials (CSE), parents, medical professionals and other community/school agencies. Students must go through an Intake Process which consists of a tour, application, review of records and observations. Initial referrals should be made directly to the School Program Director, who works directly with an Intake Committee.

The School Program works directly with the Helen H. Heller Clinic, which provides and/or contracts for the related service needs of the students. Classrooms consist of one teacher, a teaching assistant and two teacher aides for eight students. In addition to academics, the curriculum addresses cognitive and language skills, fine motor skills, social/behavioral skills and self-help skills. Individual students may also have one-on-one aides. The program focuses on teaching students the skills they will need in order to transition from school to adulthood, helping them to prepare for college, work or other programs.

Students attend vocational classes within the agency and are able to "intern" at jobs within the agency and out in the community with the assistance of a job coach. Individual schedules are developed based on the needs and interests of each student.

Community Classroom (18-21)

Holy Childhood's two Community Classrooms are community-based learning environments (8:1:3 classrooms) located at the Genesee Valley Regional Market on Jefferson Road in Henrietta, where students ages 18-21 learn job readiness skills in the classroom and then apply them through ongoing internships at a number of businesses located within Monroe County. For more information, please call 444-7735 or email Josh Miles.

Health Office and Related Services

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Physical Education/Swim Program

Learn more about the Physical Education/Swim Program

Practical Assessment Exploration System-PAES Lab

Learn more about the Practical Assessment Exploration System

Work-Based Learning (WBL) Program

Holy Childhood’s Work-Based Learning Program serves our School Program students, ages 16-21. The staff includes a dedicated coordinator and four job coaches. Students receive in-school instruction in addition to off-site work experiences throughout the Rochester community. Holy Childhood’s Work- Based Learning Program offers students a chance to extend their classroom experiences into a real life workplace setting, working alongside non-disabled employees.

Learn more about the Work-Based Learning Program

David Halpern, (Interim) School Program Director - Email David using the form below.
Kathryn Miller, Assistant School Program Director
Patty Purvee, Administrative Assistant

School Hours:  8:30-2:30
Address: 100 Groton Parkway Rochester, NY  14623
Phone Number:  585-359-3710